Edgar Rice Burroughs and Mars

Warlord of MarsI mentioned my love of Barsoom, the pulp Mars of Edgar Rice Burroughs before but did not give any links to his books.

The first five of them are in the public domain in the United States and are available on Project Gutenberg.

  1. A Princess of Mars
  2. Gods of Mars
  3. Warlord of Mars
  4. Thuvia, Maid of Mars
  5. The Chessmen of Mars

As it turns out, the rest of them are available on Project Gutenberg of Australia, where the copyright laws are different and the later books are in public domain.

  1. The Mastermind of Mars
  2. A Fighting Man Of Mars
  3. Swords of Mars
  4. Synthetic Men of Mars
  5. Llana of Gathol
  6. John Carter and the Giant of Mars
  7. John Carter and the Skeleton Men of Jupiter

These last two were outside of the main corpus and published very late in Burroughs’ life.

In addition, there is his Venus series, similar but unrelated in connecting details. This is mostly available as well.

  1. Pirates of Venus (text only here)
  2. Lost on Venus
  3. Carson of Venus
  4. Escape on Venus
  5. The Wizard of Venus (published late and not available online)

If you have the time and inclination, I recommend the Mars series especially. Flying airships, strange and ancient science (aka magic), swords, monsters, manly men…