Passover Seder

Tonight R and I went to a Seder (סֵדֶר) to celebrate Passover (פֶּסַח) that we were invited to by my friend Jonathan. This was hosted in the home of a couple who are friends of his and who have apparently been hosting it for years. This was an open seder with many people of a number of faiths (or non-faiths) present. I’m not sure that the goyim didn’t outnumber the Jews present but it was an interesting and festive gathering, not to mention respectful of the faith.

I didn’t realize that Jonathan considered himself a Jew though I knew of he was of a mix of Roman Catholic and Jewish background, similar to R in a way. I know him through our mutual connections into the esoteric community since we’ve run into each other at Pantheacon in years past and he attended the academic conference on Western Esotericism that I attended earlier this year. I mean, heck, he’s the only guy that I know with a Golden Dawn-style Tree of Life tattooed on his arm. We don’t know each other well but he’s one of the few people that I was acquainted with in the area before moving down here.

Jonathan presided over the seder and had written his own Haggadah (הגדה) drawing from traditional texts and more recent ones such as the “Santa Cruz Haggadah,” which seems to be well known in certain circles as a sort of Hippie Haggadah. Jonathan made a point of explaining some of the cabalistic symbolism to a bit of a mixed audience and there was much joking and discussion throughout things.

Later on, there was much discussion and drinking of wine. It was good for us to get out and meet some new people. I’d never attended any sort of seder. As someone interested in expressions of spirituality, I was glad to get the opportunity. I also generally like many aspects of Judaism even though I am neither a Jew nor a particular believer in any sort of monotheistic deity (nor much of a theist in general, to tell the truth).

Seder Dinner