Podcasting and Questions

I now have the item of recording equipment (a Zoom H4) that I wanted for podcasting and other activities. We did a test run with it tonight, realized one or two gotchas (it will overwrite files if you turn the power off and back on) but quality is good.

I’m expecting to begin podcasting some time in June, probably, as I just found out yesterday that if I get my thesis reviewed by my committee and turned in, I can still make a Summer graduation (otherwise, it is Fall, which really means “December”). This makes my thesis still my main focus outside of work and my practice. I’m also going back up to Seattle in two weeks, to Ohio for a short weekend training in May, and then Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple is doing our summer retreat in late June (also in Ohio).

But, I have easy access to a few people and my podcasting is going to focus around interviewing spiritual individuals that I think are noteworthy or who have something of value to share. Some of these will be teachers of various traditions and some will just be committed practitioners that I think can contribute something to people. I’m going to try to mix up the pagan, Buddhist, Gnostic and alternative religious communities that I know people within.

One of the things that I would like to know from people, especially people of a spiritual bent, is what they would like to hear such individuals talk about? What questions would you like to hear answers to in general, leaving out specifics for particular people? What would you find valuable to know? What would make you want to listen to yet another podcast?

The idea is that if you could sit across the table from a good Buddhist teacher or a someone who teaches spiritual practices and on such topics as a vocation, what would you want to pick their brains about?

Let me know.