New Shrine Space

R did a major clean up and paint job in the back room last week. This is normally the laundry room but the equipment is in an alcove against one wall. The rest of the room is empty and it is off of the rest of the house. It is only entered through a separate door off of our back porch/deck. It doesn’t even have its own heat.

I’ve been doing my practices in the house but space has been cramped as our place us much smaller than both our loft and our house in Seattle. Today, I did some cleaning, replaced the lock on the door, and moved my altar and ritual equipment into the space. So we now have a new shrine space to use for meditation and other practices. R is going to make a nice set of curtains for the back alcove to partition it off better from fabric that I picked up today.

I took a couple of pictures of the space this afternoon.

New Shrine - 3

New Shrine - 2