Woven Hand

R and I went out this evening with a couple of friends of hers from high school. We went to see the band, “Woven Hand,” at the Starry Plough, a Berkeley bar.


The band is very much in the vein of Nick Cave in a way. It is very dark and Biblical in a way. He’s toured with Nick Cave and Morphine before so his mood shouldn’t be surprising. David Eugene Edwards, the singer, is clearly very Christian but it reminds me more of the mood of the angry and dark Christ, in the desert or attacking the moneylenders.

The sweat pours off of him as he plays and yells into his microphone. R and I both noticed the whites of his eyes as they rolled up into his head as he played. He has a very large tattoo on his arm that says “Y’shua” (Jesus) in Hebrew:


The music is very good and I highly recommend it. You can hear some of the music on the band’s page on myspace. I’ve put a small photoset up on flickr as well.