It’s 12:41 AM as I write this. I have just concluded my rewrite of the fourth chapter of my thesis. (I’ve also managed to make consistent every instance of “Cabala” in the thesis.)

I had meant to work on it for an hour tonight and read a book or something. That was around 9:20 PM or so. Now, while I did digress to check e-mail occasionally, I still did most of three hours work just to edit a damn chapter! sigh

Now, I will move into the meat of the thesis and focus on the actual ideas concerning the soul.

I need to get this done within the next month if I want to make Summer graduation (assuming my committee is timely). I tend to work better under deadlines so that knowledge isn’t a bad thing necessarily.

It’s just become a little numbing to work all day at my tech job, which isn’t exactly a sleepwalk, and come home, do my Buddhist practices, eat something, at least spend a little time with the missus and work on this thesis. I have been taking free days (or free late nights) where I’ve been reading some fiction instead of the thesis but that’s because I just can’t do this every day without my mind going numb from looking at the material.

This week’s distraction was No Dominion by Charlie Huston. Who can’t love noir vampires on the streets of New York. None of that Buffy cute shit here. There isn’t a “nice guy” to be found in the entire book. I certainly wouldn’t want the protagonist mad at me, vampire or not.