Generation X Buddhist Teachers

The BuddhistGeeks blog has a good post on Generation X and Buddhist Teachers.

I was amused by the Daniel Ingram quote:

"Daniel Ingram, a Gen X teacher that can often be found lighting up the comment section here on BGeeks, explains that he is part of 'a generation whose radicals wore spikes and combat boots rather than beads and sandals, listened to the Sex Pistols rather than the Moody Blues, wouldn’t know a beat poet or early ‘60s dharma bum from a hole in the ground, and thought the hippies were pretty friggin’ naïve.'"

Given my general attitude towards hippies and the discussions that I’ve had here and elsewhere about going to Dharma events to be surrounded by Boomers, this is something that I identify with quite a bit. My first companion in the Dharma was a tattooed punk girl whom I knew and who was a Naropa student. She went to the first empowerment (for Green Tara) with me, that I attended before I took refuge vows.

The fact that people are out there talking about what the future is going to be like and, well, the problem of relevancy is something that makes me pleased.