It has begun...

In the last four days, I’ve registered a domain, moved all of my websites (and e-mail) to a new hosting provider, created an Ourmedia account, spoken to a couple of people about interviews, and created a new blog site.

Check out “Ex Templo” now if you wish to see what I’ve started.

I’ve put a super short “Hiya” intro podcast up so if people stumble across the site, they get something. I’ve made both a full and podcast only feed on feedburner. I’ve also, as of about ten minutes ago, submitted the whole thing to the iTunes store as a podcast. We’ll see how long that takes.

Since the content is hosted on Ourmedia, I don’t actually need all of the bandwidth that my new provider offers to me, which is nice. Ourmedia stores media items on the Internet Archive’s servers for free. I’m surprisd more people don’t make use of them. The interface is kludgy so each podcast will probably show up as its own item instead of multiple items under the same heading but… free.

I may conduct an interview in Seattle when I’m out there. Otherwise, I expect that I will have a couple of opportunities in the next month to do so. I will follow the pattern of and other sites and probably break things up in 15 or 20 minute sections, depending on length and content.

If there are questions that you would like to hear answered by leaders or experienced practitioners in a variety of faiths (I may even have a lead on a radical Roman Catholic priest), please let me know. My skills at interviewing are actually what is worrying me the most right now.