Virigina Tech Shootings Today

Jack Thompson, at attorney who is an “expert” on school shootings is on Fox News and elsewhere talking about the Virginia Tech shootings today. Because I work on an Internet TV project, I often have Fox News playing in the project in the background (it is the main news channel for it…).

Thompson is already drawing Columbine analogies and I just listened to him blame violent video games, mentioning Doom (?!?) and then Counterstrike specifically. He’s implying strongly, if not outright stating, that the video games are responsible for the shootings today. He quotes a parent comparing pop culture to “sewage”.

Basically, he’s blaming video games, pop culture, and copying of Columbine instead of blaming the shooters in these crimes, including the one today. What happened to blaming people for their actions and holding them responsible? Video games don’t make people kill others, neither does pop culture.

I find this desire to blame anyone but the person who commits the crimes to be very disturbing. The tragedy today is already disturbing enough without playing games about the causes of it.

Update: Someone else felt the same way, blogged about it and it is now on Digg.