Seattle Trip Report

I suppose that I should post something about my trip to Seattle for the five people who care. :-)

I went up on Friday morning last week and stayed through Sunday evening. In that time, I shared a meal with 15 different people (including two tiny tots). I met with an additional two people who chose not to break bread (they were either drinking coffee or smoking something).

I went to two Thai restaurants, one Spaghetti house, two greasy spoon breakfast diners, and one random food court. One of my friends actually cooked for me as well.

Friday was mostly at Microsoft or with ex-Microsoft (and ex-college) friends. I had lunch with three of my coworkers and then got escorted around the building a bit so I could say “Hi” to a bunch of my old coworkers as well. The place looks pretty much the same but I’ll have been gone a year in a couple of weeks. In the evening, I stayed with my magician/pagan friends, Aion 131 and Sophia and got to crash in the wonderful yurt that they have on their property.

Saturday was mostly spent at the Seattle Center’s exhibit on “Grossology” with my daughter which was terminated (without prejudice) by a visit to the Space Needle. I hadn’t been up there since I was a kid so that was fun.

On Sunday, following breakfast, I tried to get access to a rare book, a ritual manual, that Sarastro had used his magical librarian powers to have moved from a hidden location to one accessible to me. Unfortunately, the library gnomes moved a bound volume of the Japan quarterly from 1950 instead, which was quite a surprise. Sarastro promised me revenge on said gnomes.

The evening was closed by dinner with my friend, Richard, which he cooked. Richard is my Neoplatonist magician friend who also happens to be trained (in Taiwan) in Taoist ritual practices and Tai Chi. He and I share a similar Buddhist affiliation historically as well. Some of my readers will know him as one of the two people I’ve dedicated my thesis to and Richard is the one who taught me how important Neoplatonism is to the West as both a philosophical tradition but also as a contemplative one (read Sarah Rappe’s “Reading Neoplatonism” for more information).

I got home around midnight on Sunday night and jumped back into the current busy mess which is my life.

I’ve got photos up on my Flickr account (many many photos) but they are not organized yet.