Primary Source Material

I’ve been waiting to hear from the Ransom Center about my request for copies of some of the Golden Dawn documents that they have.

After I made that request, through my amazing powers of occult networking, I managed to find copies of the same materials in the hands of a third party. Said party made copies for me and sent them to me last week. They finally arrived today.

I now have copies of the first few volumes of J.F.C. Fuller’s Golden Dawn notebooks from 1906-1907. These were, in turn, copied from Allan Bennett’s own Golden Dawn notebooks, which were in Aleister Crowley’s possesion, presumably after Bennett moved to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) as a Buddhist monk.

I wasn’t 100% certain that this was the source from which Fuller copied until I received the material and saw the below in the first few pages of the first volume:

Fuller's Notice

Needless to say, having access to primary source material, since Bennett was an early Golden Dawn member, makes my life much much easier for my Master’s thesis.