Science Fiction Wednesday

Tomorrow night, R and I will be attending a reading and discussion with Rudy Rucker and Cory Doctorow over in San Francisco. More information is available at SF in SF for those that may wish to attend.

I kind of have to go now because I corresponded with Rudy and Cory earlier today and got permission to record the audio of it unless someone else objects. I’ll probably wind up putting it up for the public afterwards. Since I made the point of speaking to them, I’m now shamed into dragging my ass over there no matter how tired I may tomorrow evening.

On a different note, I’m taking a personal day tomorrow and won’t be going into work. I have a few things to attend to but I don’t think I’ll have an excuse not to be there.

Now I’m off to meditate and then decipher an ex-fascist’s handwriting (only “ex” because he’s dead…).