Cory Doctorow and Rudy Rucker Podcast from SF in SF

Cory and Rudy SpeakingAs I mentioned yesterday, I attended the SF in SF gathering in San Francisco this evening. (Well, it is almost 1:30 AM but you know what I mean…).

Cory Doctorow and Rudy Rucker both read from their work and then did a question and answer panel with Terry Bisson following their readings. It was quite fun and I enjoyed hearing both of them read and the panel discussion. I’d never met Cory in person before though he and a number of other current writers and thinkers are people that I follow online (such as my undying fanboi love for Bruce Sterling…). I’d met Rudy once before when he was with Bruce Sterling at CCA last September.

Be sure to listen to some of the amusing moments in the Q&A where, for example, our panelists are asked to discuss what their third leg may be or Cory discusses his reaction to the idea of his upcoming book, Little Brother, getting him into hot water.

With the permission of everyone involved, I recorded the whole thing and I’ve put it up on the Internet Archive as a public domain recording. This can be found here along with a couple of photos that I took. Since it was just over two hours long, I removed from of the miscellaneous breaks between sessions and did a light cleanup of the audio before converting it to three different tracks. I uploaded 256kbps files, which are quite large. Sometime in the next day, the Internet Archive should automatically try to create much lower bitrate versions of the files.

I’m linking to the large files below but check the home page for the media files later if you want smaller ones.

Sly Cory Doctorow

Update: The lower bitrate feeds are up. I’ve updated the links to point towards the variable bitrate files, which are much saner in size.