Death Guild Thunderdome Fundraiser

R and I went to the Death Guild’s Thunderdome Fundraiser in Oakland last night. The Death Guild is a relatively long lasting Burning Man group which has also been involved with the local Goth/Industrial scene off and on over the years. I know back in 2000 or so, they were throwing monthly music events in a local warehouse space but they quit doing it at some point.

Most of the entertainment of the evening was various fire related activities outside and inside and fights in the Thunderdome. In true Mad Max fashion, the Death Guild allows people to sign up for grudge matches in the Thunderdome, though they are fought with boffer weapons. Participants are suspended and it is usually pretty each to tell who has done this before based on their willingness to trust the dome and do flips in the air and the like.

I’m a little jaded to some of this sometimes but the fights were a lot of fun. The bellydancing that occurred later was quite good as well. It is part of some sort of fusion in that it was done to Industrial music. There was a tesla coil and flame making devices galore. There was also suspension done by CORE. This is suspension as in “we put hooks in flesh and hang people.” I’ve seen this before and it doesn’t do much for me as an event but I was surprised by the extent of some of it, when they had a parade with a band move through the space with a man suspended in a full rig.

I have a photo set up on Flickr that I took of participants and events.

Some pictures are below. <p align="center">DSCF1603
The Thunderdome</p><p align="Center">DSCF1631
Two Men Preparing to Fight</p><p align="center">DSCF1738
Gothic Bellydancing</p><p align="center">DSCF1786
A little suspension via hooks…</p>

I also took some video of one of the fights and put it up on Google Video for anyone to see if they’d like.