Ex Templo First Real Podcast Soon

As some are aware from previous postings, I’m starting a podcast series, Ex Templo, over at extemplo.org. I’m planning on recording the first interview for it with Right Rev. James Jiun Foster from Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend. Rev. Foster has a podcast of his own, Path of the Ekayana, which he has been doing for over a year and a half now. In this podcast, he records teachings from gatherings of Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple and classes that he runs for it.

As the especially studious may note, Rev. Foster is also my own teacher so I am starting the series with a certain amount of bias but I prefer to think of it as starting with the most immediately willing victim. He was the second person to agree to do an interview with me and he moves around a lot less than the other, Thorn Coyle, a local witch, teacher, and author who travels extensively for teaching.

I’m going to out to Ohio this weekend for a training workshop for mikkyo with Rev. Foster and others so the timing worked out well. Assuming the interview doesn’t head off into dorkland and TSA doesn’t confiscate my recording device, I expect that I’ll have material up next week at some point. I don’t have much (hmm…any) interviewing experience so this may go badly. We’ll have to see…

If anyone has any suggestions for a teacher of Buddhism in America in the 21st century, feel free to send them my way. The podcast focuses on spirituality and spiritual leader or practitioners and how their spirituality works in today’s world for both themselves and others.

Postscript: If anyone can recognize the voice at the beginning and end of Rev. Foster’s podcasts, they get a gold star.