Blue Lotus Assembly Workshop

I just returned from attending a two day workshop over the weekend in Dayton, Ohio with the Blue Lotus Assembly. This was held at the main dojo for Stephen K. Hayes’ Quest Center, which is the home of To-Shin Do. To-Shin Do is the martial art that Stephen Hayes, known to those of us in the Blue Lotus Assembly as “Master Jien” developed and teaches.

He did a weekend training on aspects of esoteric Buddhist practice (mikkyo). Since I had never met him or many other members of the Blue Lotus Assembly in person before (only members of Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple), this seemed to be a good opportunity to attend an interesting training session and to meet people.

I flew in to Cincinnati on Friday night and Jiun Foster, who runs Daiun-Ji and with whom I study, met me at the airport. I stayed with him and his family over the weekend and we went up to Dayton from there.

I had an excellent time and it was good to finally put faces to names. Jisho Sears and I were introduced, which is good since he is one of the people teaching at the retreat that R and I are attending for Daiun-Ji in late June. I have a nice picture of Jisho Sensei and Jiun Sensei below:

Jisho Sears and Jiun Foster II

The two of them are robed up formally for some activities that took place one of the nights of the workshop. I have a set of photos up on Flickr from the weekend.

It was nice to finally meet Master Jien and I was fortunate enough to get to go out to dinner with him and some of the others on Sunday.

Overall, I had an excellent time at the retreat. Jiun Sensei and I were able to record his interview as well, so I would expect that the first real Ex Templo podcast will be put up fairly soon.