Mozilla is your master now, young jedi!

Welcome to MozillaThis is the first public announcement of something that a number of my friends have known for a couple of weeks: I am about to go work for the Mozilla Corporation as a QA Engineer (aka “Software Testers”) on Firefox and other projects.

I worked out the details with them recently after they contacted me. It has been just over a year since I quit working on Internet Explorer at Microsoft in Seattle. As some know, I worked on IE4, IE5, IE6sp2, and IE7 (along with MSN Explorer, which was MSN’s browser) at Microsoft. I was originally hired back in 1997 to work on IE4 before it initially shipped and I continued that on that off and on over the rest of my nine years at the company.

Over the last few years, my sympathies have gone more and more towards open source tools and development. I run Ubuntu about half the time on my main machine and all of the time on my Macbook. For my web work on my domains and my other Internet activities, I use open tools as much as possible. Often, they are simply better or I want to support the community that makes them. Some of them, such as the Democracy Player, simply have no closed source equivalents, because of the way many companies cripple or repurpose software development to commercial ends.

It is interesting to note that, as far as I know, I will be the first person to ever work on both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I know that this is definitely the case for QA and I think it is the case across the board for all aspects of the project. I’m definitely the first to do both as my job.

I start at Mozilla in mid-June and I expect that I will have a lot more to say about it at that time. I’ll be interacting a lot with the user community and blogging about my work and that of others there. I’m not sure if I will make a new blog on one of the hosted sites for it since I post so much other material here but we shall see. For now, I’ve added a “Mozilla” category to the blog here so people can filter those posts (to include or exclude them) either on the blog or on my RSS feeds.