Things that make me afraid for this nation...

This is a transcript from Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News from yesterday. I actually saw this in realtime as I happened to be doing work on the Internet TV application that I work on and I had heard that McCain was going to be on O’Reilly’s show.

O’REILLY: But do you understand what the New York Times wants, and the far-left want? They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure, which you’re a part, and so am I, and they want to bring in millions of foreign nationals to basically break down the structure that we have. In that regard, Pat Buchanan is right. So I say you’ve got to cap with a number. MCCAIN: In America today we’ve got a very strong economy and low unemployment, so we need addition farm workers, including by the way agriculture, but there may come a time where we have an economic downturn, and we don’t need so many. O’REILLY: But in this bill, you guys have got to cap it. Because estimation is 12 million, there may be 20 [million]. You don’t know, I don’t know. We’ve got to cap it. MCCAIN: We do, we do. I agree with you

You can watch the video of this here. Apparently, just to make sure he was clear, Bill O’Reilly said the following on his radio show on Tuesday as well:

"On the other side, you have people who hate America, and they hate it because it's run primarily by white, Christian men. Let me repeat that. America is run primarily by white, Christian men, and there is a segment of our population who hates that, despises that power structure. So they, under the guise of being compassionate, want to flood the country with foreign nationals, unlimited, unlimited, to change the complexion -- pardon the pun -- of America."

I don’t know about you but I am not inclined to want a society run by a “white, Christian, male power structure.” In fact, I’ve been quite happy for the direction away from that in our society over the last few decades to a more pluralistic society in which diversity might play more of a role but then I’m a Buddhist even if I’m white and male. I’m surprised “heterosexual” wasn’t in their somewhere too in his quotes.

This is an example of the mentality that runs the risk of turning America into a theocracy.