Third Podcast is Up

I’ve put the third podcast for Ex Templo up on its site. This is the second of the three parts of my interview with Jiun Sensei, my Buddhist teacher and the abbot of Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple in Ohio.

I wound up staying up half the night working on this because in the next to the last step of creating the source mp3 file, I lost the first five seconds of the podcast. I just switched to a new Apple computer a couple of days ago so I had to change from using Soundforge for the audio work to using Audacity, an open source program. Unfortunately, about every third time I ever use audacity, something bad happens… In this instance, it seems that audacity really does not like cutting and pasting between open projects. I was adding the intro and it reacted badly to the inserting. Internally, it seems to store the files in 2.5 second pieces in a data directory and it lost the first two pieces. I had to go find my source audio (which I had spent an hour or two cleaning up for the file that was damaged) and recover the missing section. The merge wasn’t as seamless as I would like but it will do.

I know that some people use Apple’s Garageband software for podcast editing but I’ve never worked with it. By default, it only likes to save in its native format and Apple’s AAC format. I upload my podcasts to the Internet Archive as 256kbps files and then have it downsample automatically from their using lame. I prefer to make the nicer format files available for those that wish to download them at maximum quality.

If anyone has any suggestion for podcasting and sound tools on a Mac Pro, please let me know. I’m not sure if I’m going to use audacity again after this.