A Conversation About Western Buddhism

My Buddhist teacher, Rev. Jiun Foster, just put another podcast up on his Path of the Ekayana podcast that I think some of my readers may enjoy, especially those who are part of the loosely connection movement of American Buddhists. Most of the podcast is a conversation between Jiun Sensei and my peer, Steve Hozan Coaston, who is a fellow senior student at Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple.

The topic of the conversation is the possibilities and direction of Buddhism in America with all of the traditions that comes together here in the States as Buddhism develops over time here.

I especially like Jiun Sensei’s ideas about councils of Buddhist traditions where people come together from different temples and lineages of practice while still maintaining their identity and lineage as separate Buddhist traditions. In the end, we are all followers of the Dharma.

Listen to it at the blog entry for the podcast or below in the enclosed a link to the audio. I encourage those that find it interesting to subscribe to the Path of the Ekayana podcast (available via iTunes as well).