Steampunk Treehouse

R and I had a busy day out and about yesterday. After living in the Bay Area for a year, I’ve finally had a burrito down in the Mission. R picked a place that she went to with a friend a couple of weeks ago that won a bunch of awards. It was definitely one of the best burritos that I’ve ever had…

Last night, we attended the fundraiser at NIMBY for the Steampunk Treehouse. The group of people building it do not have all of the resources that they need to put it together (I believe they applied for a Burning Man grant but their proposal was not accepted). They still want to do it but they need funds to get the materials together. The event was for this end…

This was the same space that the Thunderdome event was held a few weeks ago. It was the same sort of thing, lots of stuff that makes fire, steam engines, bands, etc. I took a few pictures and put them in a set up on Flickr.

Primary Steam Engine 2

Secondary Steam Engine 1