I’m now ungainfully umemployed… This will last a day and then I start at Mozilla on Thursday morning. Today I did another goodbye lunch at MobiTV and had my exit interview. I am going to miss a bunch of the people that I worked with, especially my development team and a number of my QA peers.

I’ll do a few days of work there and then R and I are going to Ohio for a short Buddhist retreat with Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple.

The only downside so far is that I had accrued almost two weeks of vacation time and now I’m starting over from scratch. Since we’re planning a vacation of a couple of weeks to Japan this Fall, I’m hoping that I have enough time available (or the ability to go in the hole) to still do my trip. We’ll see how it goes.

As I mentioned the other day, my Mozilla blog for QA work is at http://blog.mozilla.com/al/. I have no specific plans for it yet but I’m sure that I’ll be making use of it.