Back from Retreat

R and I are back from our Buddhist Retreat with Daiun-Ji Great Cloud Temple in Ohio. We flew out to Cincinnati on Wednesday and arrived in the evening. We met with Rev. Jiun Foster and stayed the night at his place before going out to the site late the next morning.

Most of the retreat was spent doing sitting meditation of various sorts with the mornings being spent in some To-Shin Do practice with Jisho Sensei, who is both a Tendai priest but also a 4th Dan in To-Shin Do. (He’s been studying for over 20 years from what I gather…). There were a few other activities but I’m not going to post about them. smile

On Sunday, R took Refuge Vows and I received the Three Pure Precepts (which accompany my existing vows) as part of the Shami ceremony within Daiun-Ji. In our organizational system, this is a senior position below that of an ordained priest. As Rev. Jiun has said in one document on our training system, “Shami practice group leaders function as assistants to the local BLA Chapter’s Priest or Dharma Teacher, and occasionally teach introduction to meditation or Buddhism classes, as their Priest/Dharma Teacher deems appropriate.”

This is part of my longer path to the priesthood over time.

I have posted photos on Flickr as a set which so the grounds of the site, a few activities, details of our main meditation area, and the Refuge and Shami ceremony on the last day (not all taken by me, obviously).

Rev. Jiun and Students Al and R are on the right...