Back from SoCal

R and I just got back from a short trip to Southern California. We went down to Ojai, not far from Ventura, for a family wedding. R’s aunt and uncle live there and her cousins that I’ve seen a bit of the last few years grew up in the area. We flew out Saturday morning relatively early and arrived via Los Angeles.

The wedding was nice to see but it was an uneventful and quick trip overall. One amusing thing that I realized just as we were leaving is that Satdharma, which is a Shambhala derived Dharma center, is based in Ojai. In fact, we had breakfast just a few blocks from their location in town. This center was formed by the heir to the Vajra Regent, Chogyam Trungpa’s controversial successor, and I’ve looked at them before because they still teach a lot of the practices from the Shambhala Community in the manner in which Trungpa originally taught them. I didn’t realize that I had family right there in the town. (My geography skills are pretty weak for anything outside of the Bay Area in California still…)

In the future, I expect that we’re more likely to drive there. Flying and transferring, etc. was not really any quicker than just hopping in a car and heading down 101. In fact, it was probably a lot more expensive and difficult since we had to rent a car.

I’m really glad that Wednesday is a holiday this week. I haven’t had a quiet week or weekend at home in a couple of weeks now and I’m feeling pretty worn out.