Weight Loss

I need to lose weight.

I’ve needed to lose weight for a long time (like ten years) but I think I really need to figure this out. While I’m a large framed, broad shouldered fellow, I’m also over 220 pounds. I can carry it relatively well (farmer stock) but I’m waaaaaay fatter than I should be. I should be around 175 or 180 pounds. I haven’t seen that since I was 23 or 24 though. When I started working in tech after college and got married, I started gaining weight. Even doing martial arts several times a week in my early 20’s wasn’t enough to do more than slow it down at the time.

Men on my dad’s side of the family all get heavy as they get older and I’m beginning to look like them. The other side of that is that men in my dad’s family all have heart trouble by their mid-40’s or so. Technically, even though my dad had a terminal illness, it was his heart that killed him. His cousin, Eddy, in his mid-40’s has already had a heart attack. My grandfather on that side has had multiple heart surgeries.

The problem? Well, I have poor impulse control with food in a family that runs to fat. The real problem is that I’m a sedentary bookish type who works in software so I spent the vast majority of my waking hours parked in a chair. Now that I am commuting in to Silicon Valley almost an hour each way, I’m spending time on my butt in traffic. (I’m starting to telecommute two days a week this week but still…).

I need to figure what I can do at home, beyond eating rationally, to begin to lose weight. Going in to work in the morning, getting home in mid to late evening and then working out for an hour every day is not going to work. As it is, it is hard for me to find time to eat dinner, meditate and then work on my thesis or spend time with my wife (not to mention anything else). I’m up late but I doubt I’m going to work out at midnight.

Part of the solution may be getting up earlier. I’ve been considering this to move my primary meditation practice to the morning but I am not a morning person and it is hard to get up earlier and do things before going to work.

In any case, this isn’t meant to be a whine. If people do have suggestions on physical activities for desk jockies to help with getting into better shape, I’m all ears.