New Podcast Soon

I’m posting this on both Ex Templo’s blog and here since I have twenty times the readers on my own blog. :-)

I’ve finally nailed down the next interview, it seems. Thorn Coyle and I will be getting together on July 15 to have a nice chat, which I will be recording for podcasting on Ex Templo.

I cornered her at our house warming party a couple of months ago so the delay is entirely on me but I expect it will be fun to sit down and chat with her one on one. All of our relatively brief interactions over the last five years have been at social gatherings, usually Pantheacon.

Thorn’s book, Evolutionary Witchcraft, is one of the better books relating to witchcraft to come out in the last ten years. She spends much of the time traveling to teach so I am glad that she’s offering up some of her time to me for this interview.

Following Thorn, I am going to probably do a phone interview with Father Jordan Stratford of the Apostolic Johannite Church. I was hoping to do his in person during some of his Bay Area trips but it hasn’t worked out well for that so I may be down to recording via Skype.