Golden Dawn Conundrums

This will be of little interest except to Golden Dawn geeks.

I’ve noticed some oddness in the Golden Dawn’s knowledge lectures while going through them side by side in different sources. There are five of these, generally called by creative titles such as the “First Knowledge Lecture” and the “Third Knowledge Lecture” in Regardie’s material from the 1930’s on.

The odd thing that I noticed this weekend while working on my thesis is concerning the Third Knowledge Lecture. In this lecture, there is the description of the soul using the traditional cabalistic terminology for its parts (Neshamah, Ruach, Nephesch, etc.). In Regardie’s material from the 1930’s, the Third Knowledge Lecture is to be studied by Golden Dawn initiates after they receive the Theoricus degree before they go through Practicus.

The weird thing is that this information and, in fact, most if not all of the Third Knowledge Lecture, shows up in the Cipher Manuscript in outline format as Practicus material following the outline of that degree in the manuscript. It is labeled there “Knowledge [of the Practicus] 3 to 4.” This immediately follows the ritual to initiate a Golden Dawn member as a Practicus in the Cipher Manuscript.

The implication is that this is material to be mastered by the Practicus since it is labeled as such and follows the Practicus ritual. If this material is for the Practicus in the Cipher Manuscript (page 110 in Darcy Kuntz’s book), why is it in the Third Knowledge Lecture for the Theoricus in Regardie’s material (which means it was that way for the Stella Matutina by the 1930’s)?

My working assumption is that the early Golden Dawn, not Regardie, moved it at some point. It is hard to validate this since the notebooks of Fuller’s that I don’t have are the ones that contains the knowledge lectures of the lower degree. That makes it hard to say for sure.

I was lucky enough to get a fairly full set of the Adept papers and the Z papers as well so I shouldn’t complain too much. This is one of the downsides to having to choose behind one or two edited versions of material and copied papers that lack context.

The Veil of the Sanctuary
The Veil of the Sanctuary from the Z Papers