Stealing Content or Being a Bad Blogging Citizen

Every so often, I get trackbacks and the like from other blogs (or “splogs” for “spam blogs”) who steal content from my blog without saying anything to me. They offer no commentary of their own, just copy my posts.

This is annoying but I get more annoyed when people hotlink to images on my server, costing me bandwidth. As has been pointed out to me and others before, this is a bad habit that people have…

The following is an example of what happens when you do this (this link may go inactive soon, I suspect):

Update: It appears that this was done through ignorance of netiquette on their part so I’m no longer serving up a picture of Timothy Leary giving a…piece…of his mind instead of the diagram from the Golden Dawn. I did remove the issue that they linked to and renamed the local copy as I really don’t want to pay for another blog, possibly with many visitors, to host my content without asking or real credit.