Years ago, back around 1998, I saw a band in Seattle that stuck in my head. This band was called “Numantra.” They were an Eastern-influenced act that included an electric sitar. I’m not sure who they opened for but I am pretty sure it was at the Colorbox. That was a now-closed small club in downtown Seattle that showed a lot of small acts. They were probably opening for a local industrial band or Tchkung!, which is why I would have been there.

In any case, they had a CD available at the time but I didn’t get it. I was pretty poor at the time and I just didn’t feel like it (I guess). A month or so ago, I tracked down the CD on Ebay. I’ve been quite happy that I found it and it is a pretty good set of music. I just wish there was more of it but I heard they broke up not too long after I saw them.

I just found a circa 1998 music video of one of the songs on the CD, “To Dream Away”, this evening. It is on Google Video and I’ve added it to this post below. Enjoy!