Initial Draft of Thesis Done

In a marathon session the last two days, I cleaned up the work that I did last week on my thesis, dividing it into two chapters, and wrote another chapter from scratch. I then cleaned up my works cited and rewrote my introduction a bit since I had diverged a bit from my initial ideas last Fall.

With all of this, my initial draft of my thesis is done. It comes out to about 85 pages if you remove the diagrams that I have. I’m not entirely sure that I’m happy with the end of it but I can always do some more work on it.

I sent it off to a few readers that had volunteered to look at it about two hours ago. Hopefully, I have the final copy of this off to my committee in the next couple of weeks.

I know from speaking to my thesis mentor, the head of my committee, that he had no real issues with the first half and would be happy to sign off on it. Hopefully, he and then the other readers feel the same about this.

Given the way that the system works, if I have it turned in during the next month, it probably won’t be final approved until the end of the Fall term, around Thanksgiving. This means that at the end of the following term, Spring 2008, I would probably get my diploma. As always with academia, there is generally at least a full semester turn around time on anything. Once I am notified that it is approved, it is just a matter of process though.