Japan Ahead! Run up the colors!


Sorry, pirate moment there.

I just purchased the tickets for the Japanese vacation that R and I have been planning since earlier in the year. We’ll be flying from San Francisco to Tokyo on September 21 and returning on October 9.

We are still working on the details of the itinerary. Right now, I think we’ll plan to arrive in Tokyo in the afternoon and head out of town the next day. We’re planning on going to Kyoto and spending a number of days there in the temples and museums in the city and also to head up to Mt. Hiei nearby to visit the headquarters of the Tendai Buddhist sect. I want to visit some of the famous Zen temples there as well.

We also plan to at least pass through Osaka and to go to Mt. Koya, which is where the Shingon sect is headquartered. I plan on spending a night or two, at least, there. I have a phone number (and unanswered e-mail) for accommodations at a temple there that puts up guests. My acquaintance, Gomyo, a Shingon priest, has given me the name of a priest at the same temple who is English speaking (he’s Swiss). It may be possible to get him to show us around a little, mood and situation permitting.

After this, I expect that we’ll head back to Tokyo for at least a couple of days.

All of this is subject to change except that we’ll be going to these sites. The amount of time we spend and where we sleep, etc. will need to be figured out. R and I have the happy circumstance of having several friends who have been to Japan and lived there within the last few years so we have recommendations for places.

Large Buddha