Don't Fuck with Defcon

Two of the things that people should learn when dealing with hackers that show up to events like Defcon are:

  1. They are smart (sometimes scary smart).
  2. They have issues with authority, especially "big" authority.

So, when you try to sneak into their event with your hidden camera for an expose on hackers, don’t be surprised when they out you instead of you outing them.

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So pwned! Makes me feel sad that I didn’t go as some of my friends did.

This was NBC Dateline producer Michelle Madigan, who turned down offers from Defcon staff (who noticed her quickly) for press credentials four times and then tried to sneak around a hacker convention with a secret camera hidden in her bag.

The traditional Defcon game is “Spot the Fed” because they have been covertly and overtly visited by Feds so many times before. That is generally done in good fun. Instead of the traditional game, they switched it for this one…