A month?

Wow, it has been most of a month since I posted here. My apologies for anyone actually paying attention.

With getting and then out for Firefox and Thunderbird things have been a little… busy around here.

On the virtualization front, QA did decide to go with the solution based on VMware’s work. There were a number of reasons for this but the primary two are:

  1. VMware virtual machines can run on any of the platforms we use in QA or Development (OS X, Windows, and Linux).
  2. VMware is already supported for other systems in the company fore infrastructure.

It made sense to standardize around one set of tools.  The first reason is probably the most immediate since the different people in QA do their work in wildly different environments. We don’t mandate any single operating system, for example. Having virtual machines that everyone could use reduces a lot of redundancy (and redundancy means more work for yours truly).

We do still want to get the the point where we can have a pool of machines available that community members could connect to from remote and on which a QA supported virtual machine could be loaded. We don’t have an ETA for this but it is something that we are actively working on.

I still have no reliable solution for virtualizing OS X. This is one that could really bite us at some point as we can have a mix of “clean” and “dirty” environments for all of our other supported operating systems but not anything from Apple.

When we were doing and testing, have virtual machines available made working on update scenarios and localized installations a lot easier since we could switch operating systems very quickly in the same environment and restore them to a good state for the next set of tests.

Anyway, that’s all for now here. I’m hoping to post a bit more this month though. :-)