BarCampBlock Logo

A number of us at Mozilla will be attending BarCampBlock this weekend.

BarCampBlock is an example of the BarCamp series of unconferences. You can find information on a number of these occurring all over the world on the BarCamp website.

The session list is looking pretty interesting so far. So far I’m planning on attending the following ones for sure:

Mozilla is also proud to be one of the sponsors of BarCampBlock as well. Personally, I think these kinds of events are where a lot of the interesting ideas people have in their heads around the web, open source, and communication percolate out.

I hope to see at least a few members of the Mozilla community there. I’ve heard that the event is expecting at least 400 people and that it may go as high as 800. Not bad for a very loosely configured event on relatively short notice (at least for most of us).