Testing Fun

This is not about my work as a software tester (aka “Quality Assurance”) for once.

No, the “testing” here is the GRE. That is the “Graduate Record Examination.” This is a test taken by people who wish to go to graduate school.

I took this back in the day and actually did quite well. The problem is that results are only good for five years and it has been more than five years now…

I’m looking to apply, I think, for the Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies that the Graduate Theological Union is offering through the Institute of Buddhist Studies. The other option, for a while, is the PhD program at GTU. The problem with the latter is that I’m not (a) interested in quitting my job right now (as if I could) and (b) don’t have some of the skills that I would need for Buddhist Studies-type work. Getting another MA in Buddhist Studies would solve these and at least one authority in the field has told me that.

In order to even apply to either program, I need to have GRE scores though.  To that end, I just signed up to spend four hours of my life (at 8:00 AM on a Saturday even) taking the GRE in a little over a week. That way I may have scores back in time to apply for Spring 2008 at GTU if I decide to do so.