This is America?

We’ve got the wiretapping of Americans, including their online communications, that I’ve already been discussing.

Now it has become clear that American psychologists have been getting cozy with the CIA and involved in helping them create their interrogation techniques (the ones that aren’t “torture”).

It’s bad enough that it may come up for a vote at the APA meeting though it seems likely to be toothless. See this blog post on it today.

Am I one of the few people that wonders how the hell we became a country which spies on its own citizens, has an Executive Branch that simply ignores the law and the Legislative Branch, which holds people for years without any sort of trial or even legal representation in extra-national prisons at bases in foreign countries, and which recruits psychologists to design ways to torture people without calling it “torture”?

We’ve become a nightmare and it makes me ashamed to call myself an American when the populace lacks the spine to not only stand up but, seemingly, to even care.

I read an article on the recent NYPD report about radicalization in America and the threat from inside. I can’t find the report I initially red but the surprising part was not the report. The surprising part was the content of the comments on the article I read online about it (and I wish I could find it now). Out of more than one hundred comments, the majority were along the lines of “We should not allow Muslims in this country” and “This is what happens when bleeding heart liberals let anyone come here” and things like that. These were comments of rather right wing backward xenophobic individuals and there were very few opposing views.

How did a nation that was built on immigrants and the virtues of welcoming people, even if begrudgingly, become so afraid and hateful of the rest of the world?  Do the majority of Americans really believe these xenophobic things? Would I and people like me be better off in a more open nation or, perhaps, is it time for the West Coast to consider whether, for example, its ultimate destiny has more to do with Asia and the rest of the Pacific Rim instead of some fuckhead with his giant truck and his Confederate flag?