"Wrong" side of Mid-30s

Well, I’m not officially on the “wrong” side of my mid-30s. May the gods and the IRS all help me when I reach 40. :-)

All that and I’m still not visibly going bald (unlike every male member of my mother’s family so screw you, amateur genetic “experts”). My beard is probably as much gray as brown now but that’s been progressing for years. I still do not have a fivehead.

Other than being fat (overweight, chubby, festive) by about 40 or so pounds, my old persistent “getting older” health thing is the mild ringing in my ears and that started with the viral flu this last winter when I had balance problems as well. I don’t expect that to ever go away.

So, I now take a drink from the everpresent whiskey flask on the desk and laugh at surviving one more year. Against all expectations, no one has killed or beaten me for my big mouth yet either in all these years.

Oh, and I’m still damn sexy and well on my way to earning the years to go with my “cranky old man” permanent mental state.