Ebay is the World

It seems that anything can be found on ebay these days with enough time and patience.

I and a number of other people, including my own teacher, keep an eye out for mikkyo related items on ebay. Here in the United States, it is rare to even find a statue of Fudo Myoo, let alone anything more obscure than that. Every now and then, stuff shows up on ebay that you wouldn’t expect though.

Last year, an entire Shingon mikkyodan (altar for mikkyo rituals) for goma plus the side tables and the sitting platform showed up. Someone’s family in Oregon had it. I can only imagine that someone’s uncle or grandfather had been a Shingon or Tendai priest secretly hidding out in Oregon.

My own tokko was found on ebay in Malaysia of all places and quite a few scrolls and statues of Fudo Myoo and related deities have shown up.

This last week, through pure accident, I found the ritual implements necessary for the goma rite and other mikkyo rituals were up on ebay. It wasn’t even an auction but an instant sale and not a badly marked up one at that. This was also out of Oregon, the secret hotbed of Japanese esoteric Buddhism, it seems. I spoke to the seller in e-mail after purchasing it and it seems his brother in Japan buys Japanese antiques and ships them to him.

After a couple of days, this 30 pound or so package full of brass showed up. Here is one view of the contents:

Mikkyodan Items - 4

It is more compact in this photo because all of the covered bowls in the front have lids and bases that are separate brass pieces. It all comes apart, just like the big incense burner in the middle.

I put a photoset up on my Flickr account of all of it.

I’m have a premonition of a future involving a lot of Brasso (tm).