Thesis Update from Mentor

My thesis mentor wrote to me this morning. He’s the head of my three professor committee of readers (as well as being my mentor).

He wrote to me to tell me that he had signed off on my thesis and sent it to the other two readers, recommending that they approve it as well. He wanted to offer his congratulations but thought it was premature until the others signed off.

As a side note, he said that he appreciated the work I’d gone through to reign in the overall length of the thesis since he had seen both the original outline, one of the overly long and problematic chapter drafts, and had gone back and forth with me on it.

So, that’s one milestone completed. Once the other two read it and (hopefully) sign off, it then enters the red tape maze (like the mines of Moria) to emerge as an approved thesis on the other side. It has to get past the formatting guidelines Balrog and his MLA orcs though.