Cory Doctorow's Firefox Theme

I’m a big fan of Cory Doctorow, the science fiction author, DRM activist, BoingBoing editor, and former EFF evangelist.

Cory has a book coming out next spring, Little Brother, which is about a gang of hacker kids unjustly targeted by the Department of Homeland Security. In this book, Cory details a number of ways that the kids fight back with their mad skillz using real technology, as he has related it, but quite a few of the things that he has them do are real. He has mentioned on a couple of occasions that he has worked out a deal with Instructables to do a series of projects related to the things the kids do in the book to show how they could be done.

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast Cory has up of a discussion with Patrick Nielsen about the book from the Tor Books podcast. As a brief aside, Cory mentions that as part of the promotion of the book, a “Little Brother” theme is going to be made available for Firefox. He then mentions including Tor, that I’ve blogged about before, in it. (This means it isn’t just a theme but, hey…). He’s also talk about doing key signing for crypto keys at his book signings to help create a web of trust amongst book readers. I find it interesting that he would center on using Firefox to promote his book and then use these as a means to promote Tor and crypto in general. This is all the more interesting when you realize that this is a “YA” or “Young Adult” book, targeted towards kids, even if adults read it. Good times!

The book will be available online for free under a Creative Commons license, like all of Cory’s books.

I’ve included the podcast below. The Little Brother conversation starts at the fifteen minute mark if you wish to listen to it.