Japan Trip Begins to Firm Up

I’m  waiting for the confirmation but it looks like R and I will be in Tokyo from the afternoon of September 22, when we land, through the morning of Tuesday, September 25. At that point, we’ll be taking the bullet train to Kyoto and will be there for probably a week.

I’ve made reservations in Tokyo at the Sunshine City Prince Hotel in the Ikebukuro district. It is conveniently located near the train station and has shuttle access from the airport (which we will want when we arrive with jet lag).

I’ve also confirmed us at Mt. Koya, the home of Shingon Buddhism, on the night of October 4. My friend and Shingon priest, Gomyo, made a call for us and got us a guest room at Muryokoin, a temple there. I had planned to stay two nights but it is crazy busy at that time of year, as it turns out. So, we’ll probably arrive early on the 4th, spend the day seeing the temples, the graveyard, etc. of Koyasan, spend the night, and finish up our sightseeing the next day before heading out.

Sometime in all of this, we are going to head down to Hiroshima as well.

We’ll be coming back on October 9, probably after a final night in Tokyo.

Update: We’ll be at the Park Hotel in Shiodome instead. It turned out that the Sunshine City Prince Hotel was full after all. I’ve gotten confirmation of this.