First Day in Tokyo

We made it to Tokyo. The flight wasn’t too bad and they had a decent entertainment system (Linux-based) for everyone on it. This allowed us to do something other than read, sleep, and eat on the flight.

Once we got to our hotel, we pretty much crashed for the night after a few hours. Getting up this morning a bit after 6:30 AM, we decided to do a little exploring. After checking around possibilities, we decided to go to the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park in central Tokyo.


They had some excellent collections of Buddhist art and I took quite a few pictures. We had lunch at a “French” cafe there and then headed out to the park. Ueno Park is a city park that is the former grounds of a Buddhist temple. The emperor gifted it to the city in 1924 and it was turned into a park.

While there, we visited Ueno Toshugo Shrine. This is a Shinto shrine in the park that is hundreds of years old and dedicated to the first Tokugawa shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, as a deity. The old shrine building was very impressive and we took the trip inside as well as walking the area around it.


We visited the Gojo Tenjin Shrine as well though we didn’t know where we were. This is another Shinto shrine dedicated to the gods of medicine and learning, I am told.


This was enough for morning and early afternoon and we went off for a rest after this…