Kamakura and Shinjuku

I have little time to post as it is late here and I am beat. We have to be up early tomorrow to go see the Imperial Palace here in Tokyo, check out of our hotel and then take the bullet train to Kyoto.

Today, we went to the town of Kamakura to see the Great Buddha there. This seems to be a pretty mandatory trip for people but I was still pretty impressed by the Buddha.


We also visited the nearby Hase-Kannon Temple dedicated to… Kannon. They have a 30 foot high Kannon statue that is famous and, in its own way, much more impressive than the Great Buddha. I don’t have any pictures of it because photographs of it are not allowed for some reason (this seems to happen pretty randomly here as I could take photos in the museum except for a few swords and most of the mikkyo items).

Later, we took the train back up to the Kita-Kamakura station and visited Engaku-ji, a famous and important Zen temple. By the time we got done there, it was getting dark (which happens early here) so we headed back.


This evening, we took the subway over to the Shinjuku area, which is just crazy at night. We had dinner in a nice atmospheric Chinese restaurant (done up like some vague sort of opium den) and wandered around before heading back to the hotel.

I have photosets up on Flickr from today:

I also have a set from yesterday as well for: