Tokyo Imperial Palace

We went to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo today. This was a guided tour (in Japanese) of the grounds of the current Imperial Palace. We’ll be going to the historic one in Kyoto later this week.

The palace was a bit underwhelming. The original palace buildings were destroyed in World War II in the bombings. The current palace dates from the 1960s and just seems a bit ugly.


The grounds were very nice though and I put up a set of the photos that I took.


After this, we caught the bullet train to Kyoto and arrived in the late afternoon. We’re in a 4 1/2 tatami room at a local inn for the next nine nights. After that, we’ll go to Koyasan for two days.

I’m fighting a nasty case of tenderfoot and have developed some lovely blisters from all the walking. I’m trying not to let it slow me down though.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably take it easy, maybe doing a little craft shopping. I’m trying to convince R to go to one of the local Zen temples that has a tour, a nice bit of art, and some Zen instruction and sitting.