Openness and IE or "Talk to us!"

It came to my attention that comments started to be posted about my Borgzilla blog post over on the IEBlog on an unrelated post there.

They haven’t really said anything phenomenal but the points made here were noticed. Dave Massy, also formerly of Microsoft and the IE team, has also had some things to say about Internet Explorer on his new blog lately. Without my knowledge, he had also posted about the old Connect site (aka “Borgzilla”) in mid-August. I recommend checking him out for another perspective.

One thing that I see that is really missing from this conversation is any commentary for any member of the Internet Explorer team. There hasn’t been a peep in response to the comments on their own blog (always bad form and something discouraged when I was involved with it) and none of the members of the team who blog on their own seem to be saying anything. This needs to change, in my own special opinion.

IE7 was done, really done, by the end of the Summer in 2006. Heck, it was done except for bug fixes when I left in May, 2006. It is now, officially,  the Fall of 2007. It has been more than a year since work finished on IE7. More than 200 people work on Internet Explorer (heck, if you count “contingent staff” as well as employees, there were more than 120 QA people on IE in mid-2006 and I bet over 100 developers). They’ve all been working on something for a year now. You wouldn’t know it by any public announcements, demonstrations, or posts on their blog. Most of what gets posted there is a retread on IE7 features and not terribly often at that.

Hey, Dean, Tony, and the rest of the IE leadership, what are you guys doing? Hello? Is this thing on? I know you don’t want to spill the beans on your next big thing, especially to avoid your next great ideas being copied (and more quickly shipped) by competitors, but you could at least give us a hint as to what the IE team has been doing for a year. I know you guys and you aren’t unintelligent or inarticulate. Please start talking to the web community about what you are up to with IE8. You have good people working on IE. Don’t be afraid to let them post something to the IEBlog about future work and ideas. The world is curious.

For others reading this, I know that the IE team is active again with the W3C and its working groups (and good for them for doing so!). Can someone give a summary of what they seem to be up to there? I’m not going to go through a few hundred pages of e-mail from lists from Japan to figure it out but I am curious.

On that note, I’ll go back to my vacation. I figured that I should post something more than photos of Japan and lists of places that I’ve been or to which I am going. Hardly riveting fare for most people, I am sure. It make my mother happy, though. :-)