More IE Comments from Dave Massy

For those following the request that IE begin to actually speak in public again about what is being done for upcoming IE development (IE8), Dave Massy continues to speak as well on his blog on this. It is worth reading what he has to say:

I do agree though that the IE team needs to start talking to the developer community on a much more consistent basis. After the release of IE7 all online chats stopped. The online chats had been taking place every month since well before IE7 was under development. After the release of IE7 the bug reporting system was withdrawn. There have been vague promises that it was only temporary but it has now been almost a year and no replacement is in sight. The IE team does not have to give exact details of IE8 but their complete silence shows a complete lack of respect for the developer community.

Dave also left the IE team and Microsoft after IE7 shipped so he brings both a longterm insider view and one from someone who no longer has a vested interested, just a personal one, in where things are going. Since he is also from a different discipline (not being QA), his perspective on things is also likely to be different there as well.

Updated: For those that ask why this we are even discussing IE at all, I will point out that, like it or not, Microsoft Windows still controls th VAST majority of operating system installations on a personal computer. I’ve seen numbers that show more Windows Vista users than Mac OS X users. Since IE7 is standard on Vista and likely in place for XP (unless they have IE6 SP2), what Microsoft does in the browsing space has an impact on anyone who makes a living working on the web. For that reason, getting the IE team to continue to have open communication and to move towards more standards support is very important.