Chris Wilson Speaks and the IEBlog Goes Dark

I am certain that some Mozilla people may get tired of my mentioning Internet Explorer and their lack of communication but I do see a real issue here for the browser landscape as a whole.

It was noted that Chris Wilson, the platform architect for IE (and who is co-chair of the HTML Working Group at the W3C) spoke at Web Directions South 2007 just the other day.

While there, Kevin Yank interviewed Chris. This interview is available online as an mp3 and I’ve enclosed a link to it here. It is worth listening to in order to both understand IE’s direction as well as Chris’ thoughts on IE’s issues. The focus on backwards compatibility in IE comes up a bit.

In the course of the conversation, Chris is asked about the IE team’s complete silence on IE8 and the future. There he basically blames the lack of communication on the need for the IE team to have complete confidence that what they say they will do will actually be done. Without that confidence, he seems to think that it is better to say nothing.

On that note, I will point out that the last blog post on the IEBlog is old enough now that comments on it have been turned off (as happens automatically). This means that there is now no mechanism, not even comments on the blog, for people to communicate their thoughts to the IE team. I find this a bit disappointing. I also find it very surprising that a non-Microsoft person can interview Chris at a conference and get him on the record on so many things but the official blog not only cannot communicate the same things, they don’t even mention the public post by Chris.

I kind of wonder who is running their blog these days. It used to be that there was one person charged, as part of their job, of working with members of the IE team to get a regular set of posts on the blog from all over the team. This guaranteed that posts happened on a regular basis and that the blog never went dark. It also helped focus what the blog was doing by making at least one individual personally responsible for it. I get the sense that no one is at the helm anymore and that the blog is being forgotten by the IE team.

I keep hoping something said here or by others will spark a response, even an e-mail, from the IE team. So far, nothing.