Back to America tomorrow

This is our last night in Tokyo (it is just before 11:00 PM here). Tomorrow afternoon, we fly back to the west coast of the United States.

We did a little wandering today and yesterday here in town after arriving from Himeji on the Shikansen, the bullet train. We’ve kept it pretty low key. After a couple of weeks of traveling in Japan, we’re both ready to go home to our house, pets, and our own bed.


I’m hoping to come home to find that my Master’s thesis has been approved by the last two members of my thesis committee. They have to read the thesis serially so there is not much to be done to speed up the process. I’m hoping that no final edits will be required. If this turns out to be true and they approve the thesis soon, I’ll probably actually graduate during Fall term and not have to wait until Spring, 2008. It will be three years in January since I began taking classes for my MA and it would be nice to be done. I’m still considering writing a paper or two for a couple of conferences in the next year if I can muster the will to do so and think of a good topic. Probably something on the intersection of Masonry and Rosiscrucianism in the 19th and 20th centuries or Kabbalah and Masonry. We’ll see.

I’m also looking at beginning Japanese language work soon. I had an interesting discussion with a priest while on Koyasan but, whether that bears any fruit or not, I should work on my language skills. I’m involved with Japanese Buddhism for the longterm and I need to be able to at least converse at a reasonable level and, eventually, read texts. Working this into my day to day life, work schedule and Buddhist practice will probably be its own challenge but should be possible. I only live a couple of miles from UC, Berkeley, after all.