Thesis Approved!

I spoke to the office at the university today for my program. When I got back from Japan, I did not have any mail waiting for me about requested changes from the last two readers in my thesis committee. I wanted to see what the status of things was since I have friends who have had committee members sit on reading their thesis for months before…

As it turns out, both of my last two readers approved my thesis during the last three weeks and I didn’t get mail because no changes were necessary. The thesis has now been sent to the graduate office. They will make sure that it is properly formatted, numbered, etc. I asked the office, “What happens if they don’t need any changes?” and I was told that at least one person in the office would faint if that was true because it never happens. They always want a page number moved a quarter of an inch someplace or something similar. Once I get their requests, I will make the changes and send the thesis back to my program’s office. At that point, it will be put in the queue for graduation and I will be entirely done.

At this point, I am done in the sense that I will not have to make any further edits to the content of my thesis. All three members of my committee have approved it as written. Good news!