Ways to Spend Your Evening

Iphone NoI’ve been having issues with my iPhone since I got back from Japan. Yes, I have an iPhone. To use a Charles Stross-ism, I failed on my saving throw versus shiny and wound up getting one (and got dicked by the price change a few weeks later too!).

Either something weird happened when I left it plugged in for three weeks while I was away or the new firmware borked it. Who knows? In any case, it would consume massive amounts of power. It used to take two or three days between charges and I would be using it normally in this period. After the recent update, even if I didn’t do anything with it, a charge would not last a whole day.

I went to the local Apple store the other day and showed it to someone at the “Genius” Bar there. They basically told me to do a full restore (wipe the phone and put the backup on it), hard boot, and full charge it. They were clearing palming me off but they made a note of the issue and there wasn’t much I could do after that. After doing these things (again), I waited a couple of days and got tired of my non-functional phone again. I decided to drop by the Apple Store after work today and see about forcing the issue.

The problem was that I screwed up my own appointment when I moved it from lunchtime to after work. This meant I had no actual appointment today (it was now tomorrow) but I hadn’t noticed. This wound up with me on “Standby” at the store. The net result of that is that it literally two them over two hours to see me, with me waiting the entire time in the store.

Not a good way to spend your evening. That store will drive you insane after a (short) while.

The final result is they popped my sim card out, put it in a new phone, and handed it to me. While I will never have those hours of my life back, my little robot friend has been returned to me. I love you, iPhone!